Corporate Restaurant Concepts, Inc. (“CRC”) is a Delaware corporation formed to take advantage of opportunities in the casual dining restaurant sector.  CRC currently operates two divisions, the Management Group which develops and manages a portfolio of unique concept casual dining restaurants; and the CRC Partnership Program which provides CRC-managed and independently operated restaurants a broad array of products and services designed to help operator improve efficiencies and maximize their profits.

The Company currently operates Dos Hombres, which serves authentic Mexican food in a casual setting.  Dos Hombres’ flagship location is in Kansas City, Missouri.  Please visit our restaurant at

CRC’s management team has substantial restaurant experience with a particular emphasis on operations and marketing.  Recognizing the need for these skills within its regional market, the Company established the CRC Partnership Program in order to offer its expertise and access to other restaurateurs. Specifically designed to assist independent, less experienced restaurateurs in the efficient, cost-effective management of their operations, CRC believes there will be an increasing demand for these services as economic constraints continue to put pressure on the small independent operator.  Current products and services include: food cost evaluation, labor cost control, payroll and benefits management, human resources and employee training and credit card processing, among others. 

CRC is listed on the OTC market under the symbol CRSQ. As a  public company, CRC is able to leverage the benefits of a public company, specifically better access to capital and the ability to use its stock as an alternative currency for acquisitions, management incentives, etc.  With an initial focus in the mid west, longer term, CRC intends to build its portfolio of concept restaurants and increase the number of operating locations nationwide.  Initially, this expansion is expected to be gradual, increasing as the Company secures the financial and personnel resources necessary to manage the proposed growth.